Chess Tiger

Chess Tiger for Palm OS

Chess Games Just Don't Get Any Better Than This

Chess Tiger is a chess game that anyone can enjoy. What with the great amount of featured options, it is easy to choose the game level that best adapts to your particular skill level.

Features for beginners:

  • The ability to view movements of each piece.
  • 8 difficulty levels (the higher you go, the harder it gets).
  • Help system that guides you through standard moves.
  • Game engine that is completely adaptable to your skill level.

Information for experienced players:

  • Includes extremely advanced IA Gambit engine, winner of Argentina's Grand Master Norm and ranked second place among chess machines (SSDF).

This chess engine can be considered one of the most powerful engines available for PalmOS devices.

In addition to professional features offered, you'll find a variety of icons for chess pieces, configurable board colour, a save option for all games and moves, four different game modes, and much more.

With the help of the game manual, you will be able to learn more than 8,000 official and popular moves that will help to make you a full-fledged chess genius.

Simply magnificent!!

Latest Version Updates:

  • Two-player mode added.
  • Analysis mode.
  • New control options.

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Chess Tiger


Chess Tiger 15.2

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